Type Rating Training

photo1-inner3Once you have a licence, you may want to learn to fly a different type of helicopter. Such courses must be conducted with an Authorised Training Organisation (ATO). As an ATO, we conduct these courses which can often be completed in a few days.  We have examiners on staff who should be available to conduct your test as soon as you are ready.

We are approved to conduct type rating training and conversions for the following types of helicopter:

  • Robinson R22DSC_0105
  • Robinson R44
  • Bell 206 Jet Ranger

Courses usually comprise of 5 hours of flying training, depending on your overall experience and other ratings held. Generally, weather permitting, this can be achieved in a 3 day period.

There will also be ground school instruction (up to 5 hours depending on previous 2014-03-28 14_46_11experience) and an exam, specific to that type. A Type Rating Skill Test will then follow with an Examiner. Prices for flight training and ground school are based upon our normal hourly training rates for the type. See the Prices page for details.

We do not offer an all-in price for the course, since the hours required will depend upon your ability and experience.